Benefits of a Video Game Tester

Video Games is a Past Time Opportunity

Playing video games is one of the biggest past times in the world today, with millions of users worldwide spanning from all ages and walks of life. It is every video game fanatic’s dream to work with the professionals in imagining and producing quality video games, while bathing in the glory of their very own creations. However, everyone must start somewhere, and most of the time the individual must start at the bottom, in the world of QA testing, or “Quality Assurance Testing.” At first glance, video game testing may seem like a fun and highly enjoyable field of work. This may be so, however, this is only if one is a truly dedicated video game lover, with a fine attention to detail and most of all, patience! Yes, when first becoming a video game tester it may seem like a walk in the park, but there are also a few downsides to testing.


QA Game Testing

As a QA tester, the individual is usually assigned a specific part of the game to focus on, and the primary role involved is investigating the game for signs of bugs and various glitches. Having said that, life is not entirely easy for a video game tester; there are many factors that come into play, such as being able to locate enough bugs to prove one’s worth, and sometimes hours upon hours of testing one specific part of a video game, along with giving it completely undivided focus and attention. This has been known to discourage even the most dedicated testers, unable to deal with the sometimes aggravating, monotonous atmosphere of certain games that might not even be in their taste. There have also been reports of over working QA testers with no extra pay to make up for it, especially during “crunch time,” or the time leading up to the game’s release date.


Pay Rate

Another thing to consider when diving into the world of video game testing is the potential of receiving low pay. Most entry level testers make roughly $10 an hour, with no benefits or protection, as they are hired on as independent contractors. Job security is also stated to be slim to none, with testers constantly worrying over their own worth to the company, not to mention having a poor resume for future jobs in the gaming industry, as contractor jobs are usually frowned upon. Testers are sometimes reported to working years at a time with no raise or promotion, aside from the constant concerns of being laid off to another QA tester who managed to locate more bugs and glitches than them! It can prove to be quite the rat race at times, so one must have strong discipline and be able to knit pick every aspect of the game, from graphics and sound, to game play and control use.



One considering the role as a video game tester will also most likely have to relocate. There are no “work from home” opportunities with testing, as most of the tests are done around other people in the same facility. They will probably have to relocate to major cities and towns where video game developers are located. It also may be difficult to land a good job at first, so consistent research and study must be done in order to find the right job.


How You Can Qualify

Apart from the various downsides, video game testing could prove to be a good career path for someone. If one is willing to put in the tedious hours and has unbreakable patience, then the job can be promising and rewarding. One will also most likely want some type college degree, in order to be promoted to a more desirable position. A great suggestion for someone looking to make a career out of this is to go to college for programming and design, which in turn gives the resume some strong content. Testing can be a great way to pay for college expenses, but definitely not a career; one will need to move up the ladder to see desired results. Above all, we just want to be respected in the work force and be able to do what we love. As a contracted QA tester, let it be known that you have a voice as well, and make sure to do any necessary negotiating where you see fit. You can certainly see more about this at our post or see more about game tester jobs.